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Tuesday, August 12, 1997

[Brian] We woke up to a beautiful panorama of hills and trees and farms and people who looked like they'd already been up for hours (when do these people sleep?). We went downstairs to get our first round of eating and drinking out of the way and then went to my half-uncle Salvadore's house only to find that there was more eating and drinking to be done there. Salvadore looked a little insulted when I originally turned down his offer of homemade wine (for breakfast?) so I was obliged to have a couple of glasses.

My half-uncle Salvadore, his wife Agnes, and daughter Marianina

Salvadore then took us for a tour of Sassinoro where I saw the house that my father was born in, the spot my Gandma was born, Salvadore's farm, and the chapel built in the spot where someone saw a vision of Santa Lucia (Saint Lucy?).

The house where my dad was born

Finally, we returned to Pasquale's house to, of course, eat and drink. We managed to fend off an invitation from Salvadore to have a second meal at his house (we were running late and full; he gave us a care package with wine and biscotti for the road instead), and headed off towards Brindisi.

We made good time to Brindisi (it's nice being on a highway where people average 80-100 mph) and had time to spend an hour on the Adriatic, where the boys did a lot of diving and swimming and Kaelen treated the whole beach to his impression of a shameless American changing in public.

The boys return from their swim

Kaelen gives the beach a show

Once we got to Brindisi, we bid a fond farewell to our car and boarded the ferry to Greece.