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Thursday, August 7th, 1997

[Cameron] Florence, day 2 ('nuff said).

  1. Though interesting this has probably been one of our most eventless days. It turned out we woke up (surprise) and took off for one of the infamous continental "breakfasts". Why the quotation marks? Because I wouldn't exactly call rolls, juice coffee and maybe a small bowl of cereal a real breakfast. But it's better than nothing.
  2. Then we were of to see David and a few of Michalangelo's other sculptures. It turns out that David is Michelangalo's rendition of the famed bible story of young Dave and ol' Goliath (complete with sling and all).

  4. Something funny: As we, the tourist family unit, were standing in line to see the great statue of David we happened to be standing right in front three Australian young men having, as Kaelen put it, a very interesting conversation. Kaelen being Kaelen just stood there and stared at them as they were talking. Finally one of them looked down at him and said "Either join in the conversation or quit staring at us". I overheard them talking about the little kid and repeating the phrase (you really had to have been there).
  5. Next we stopped in a little shop and got lemon slush drinks for Kaelen and Patti, returned to the hotel and zipped off to Roma.
  6. Our dinner was quite delicious, the ravioli was superb but the most interesting thing here happened to Brian. As we were leaving the hotel the bell-hop offered an unasked for suggestion on where to eat dinner and happened to recommend a place that he said had the best food which he emphasized with a movement from his hand to his mouth and of to the side. Anyway, it so happened that the name of the restraunt had the name Conte in it and on the menu was something also containing the blessed word Conte. Of course Brian had to order the dish which he had no idea what it was (I was hoping hippo's tongue or horse's foot or something similarly gross, didn't happen).


P.S. Sorry no poem today, I'm too damned tired.