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Monday, August 4, 1997


We started our day in Venice, having the hotel's breakfast. We started out by going to a museum on Venice. It was interesting, because of all the weapons from the sixteenth century. Then my Mom went back to the hotel. Brian and I had a funny experience. We were late to meet our foot tour. So I ran to get Cameron in our room. I was bugging Cameron to get going and having just woken up told me to F OFF and continued to put on his socks. I ran to tell Brian that Cameron was getting ready. I went back to see where Cameron was, and notice that the door was lock. Five minutes later I found my self still knocking. So off I went to get Brian, thinking that Cameron was mad at me. So Brian tries his luck but has none. So finally we head off to the tour only to find Cameron waiting in the lobby.

[Brian tries to reason with Cameron]

Now, joined with Cameron, we headed for the foot tour. It was very interesting, what was most interesting was the gondola ride. On the gondola ride we traveled through the backwater ways of the city. There is a very romantic feeling to this area of Venizia.






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