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[Cameron] 1. Yes, I am that guy who seems to show up in about half of the pictures; no Iím not stalking them.

Breakfast overlooking the Mediterranean with Kaelen and The Stalker


Follow me on a trip to a place far away,

Where the people speak funny but still looks the same,

Where the moneyís in francs not dollars or pennies,

Yet to my surprise they still wear Nike tennis.

So join us now on our great odyssey,

Beginning in France and through Italy,

And finally at last when our journey has ended,

Weíll be in Greece, our travel needs tended.

Welcome to France, Cameron (huh?)

2. American television in French isnít as interesting as I thought it would be, although it does have some entertainment value.

Have you seen it yet? If itís a show that you have seen before then it wonít be too bad, you can follow the plot and enjoy the movie. If you havenít seen the show then there is some fun in trying to figure out the plot. Finally there are cartoons (my personal favorite). The pictures are simple, the language is simple and the plot is simple. Besides Iíve seen most of them (the cartoons are mostly American).

3. Armed guards at the train station in Paris with fully automatic rifles? Why donít I feel safe?

Guards I can understand. Armed guards I can understand. But armed guards with fully automatic weapons at a train station? What should I be more worried about, the guards or whatever the guards are protecting me from.

4. McDonalds, McDonalds, everywhere.

Are McDonalds taking over the world? In Seattle I could name three of them, in Paris on the tourist map of the city I saw over twenty. I, fortunately, have uncovered their plan. Note how they have strategically placed their fast-food fortresses in the cities and capitals of the worlds and are awaiting orders to march on their directed sectors. Thus the owners of the franchises will become the lords over their territories. My advice: Buy a McDonalds franchise so you get to become a lord of McWorld and not be forced into serfdom.

Today In Nice (hmmm)

5. Swimming in the Mediterranean Ocean, was it saltier than the Pacific?

I seemed to float better in the Mediterranean than in the Pacific and it did seem a bit murkeier. Then again Iím not an expert.

6. Kaelen reaches nirvana in Nice.

After spotting his first topless woman Kaelen was delighted to find that the rumors were true, there really are half-naked women on the beaches in Nice. Fortunatly he stopped talking about them three or four hours after we left.


[Patti] 7. The day can't end without mentioning the launderette mission undertaken by Brian and Kaelen. With everyone out (some of us for days!) of clean underwear, this mission was imperative. Unfortunately, there was too much more pleasant to do before 7 pm, so it didn't get underway until evening. Plastic garbage bags full of dirty laundry in hand, the men set out. On the way out, Brian asked the hotel manager where one might find an open launderette on a Saturday evening, s'il vous plait. He shook his head, doubtful, and offered to do the laundry here at the hotel. Brian appreciated his good natured offer, but we had seen the 12 franc per pair price for underwear in the hotel literature and he felt he should give a more economical solution a go first. He ventured bravely out and eureka! he found an open launderette. Two loads in (24 francs for the big one and 7 for the little one) and off to dinner. Just before 10 he returned in the nick of time, right as the wash was finishing, to discover that the launderette was closing for the night. Yikes! No time for drying. We had no choice but to become the poor white trash of the French Riviera and hang all our wet things out on the terrace.