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Tuesday, July 29, 1997


[Brian] A few accomplishments we left out of yesterday's journal: we blew out our travel transformer (with a nice fireworks display); we attempted to map out the murky depths of Kaelen's brain, and after barely avoiding falling into our plates from jet lag at dinner, we all managed to sleep 12 hours last night.

Where the sparks left our transformer

Map of Kaelen's Brain

Today was a bit quieter. We went to Versailles, just outside of Paris. The first stop was McDonalds, where Kaelen started hallucinating, thinking all of the various food items we ordered had transformed themselves into Chicken McNuggets.

Next stop was the Palace itself. Its creator, King Louis XIV, apparently spent half of France's income one year upgrading his Dad's hunting lodge to something a bit more comfortable ... and it was definitely comfortable. A far as I could tell, the little backyard garden extended at least a mile, maybe two. We also saw the Kitchen Garden, a quaint little affair (about 1,000,000 square feet) whose purpose was to grow the vegetables to meet the "vast needs" (from a brochure) of the royal tenants.

We spent the rest of the afternoon resting and wolfing down french waffles (which is kind of a pastry here), doing a little shopping (Kaelen is on a quest to find a local fishing guide), yelling french obscenities in subway stations, and putting the yappin' dogs up at the hotel.