Celeste's Page

(Last updated: 07/03/02 )



Name Celeste Modestina Burke-Conte
Day 8/16/00
Time 10:28 PM
Place Puget Sound Birth Center
Weight 8 lb
Length 21"

Labor was intense but mercifully short at about 3 hours. There were no complications and Mom and baby are doing great.

So far Zebby is being the perfect brother. He loves to hold her, pat her head, and "read" to her. When she gets upset he runs to her and says "Don't worry, Celeste, your brother Zebby is right here." We'll just have to see how this all holds up when he realizes she's here to stay....

Likewise, Kaelen has taken it well so far but we'll see what happens when it sinks in for HIM that he now has two baby siblings that are here to stay....

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