Secrets to a Happy Marriage

As we get married, our wish is that we will

one day be old together, grateful for the life

we have shared, still full of love and respect

for one another. In this day and age, with

divorce rates so high, we stand in awe of

relationships that not only last but seem to

grow deeper and more loving with the

passage of time.

We are turning this section of our wedding

web site over to the experts.

Tell us what you know

about how to make our way happily through

the years together.
How long have you been married?

Secrets to a Happy Marriage:

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Harriet Moore, married for 40
Take time to be nice.

Steve, married for 2 Years
Mutual Respect, never agrue past 6PM (people who
are tired have a hard time resolving issues).

Mircea Iordachescu, married for 5 years
Work on a big picture but don't forget to enjoy the present.
Don't stay up late worrying about small problems; they tend to disappear by morning

Mont & Judy Francisco, married for 18 years
Keep talking
Rekindle the romance
Duck quickly
Hide the knives

David and Carol, married for 8 years
Never go to bed mad.
Laugh. A lot.
I mean a whole lot.
Get a funny pet.
Maintain your own hobbies and interests.
Have cool in-laws.
Get a very fast 'net connection.

Al Garay, married for 4
Know how to fight and communicate with passion.

Roger and Amy Key, married for 3
Learn each others needs and strive to meet them for the key to a truly romantic relationship is meeting each others needs.

Steve Miller, married for 8 years
Never go to bed angry. Calm down, lower the emotions,
listen to the other, validate their own point of
view, and get over it!

Doug Walker, married for 25 years
Patience & commitment

Dad (Vic Conte), married for 38
Give each other space and have respect for each other.

Mom (Linda Conte), married for 38
Here are two suggestions - 1. Don't sweat the small stuff. (It's all small stuff.) 2. Two TV remote controls (with thanks to MVC).

Tyler Woods, married for 20 yrs
Work at it! Don't quit and don't ever take your spouse for granted. Keep a daily time for just talking together, five to ten minutes is better than nothing. We use various Christian marriage devotional publications but the good that they provide is that they start communication about your relationship together.

To the bride:
Don't EVER take over any of your husband's responsibilities. You may think you can do the job better and you are most likely correct. The problem is that God has given him the responsibility and the grace to bare it. You need to be his "grateful supporter" who encourages HIM TO BE YOUR KNIGHT IN SHINING ARMOR. If you take over...he might let you. I've seen many husbands who have allowed their wives to take over...bit by bit...until they have no more responsibilities. Then they leave.

To the groom:
When your wife brings you a slow to fix it. Avoid the urge to implement a swift "fix". Your wife isn't looking for YOU to solve the problem. She is looking for understanding FROM you. This has taken me years to figure out and I still am weak to practice it, but when I do, everything is better than I could imagine.

George C. Koller, married for 16 years
Compromise. Think of the other person first.
Swallow your ego.

Robert & Catherine Siderine, married for 3 years
Strong faith in God; limitless grace, forgiveness, open and honest communication, and a solid church family who are always there for us.

norliza, married for 6 mths
To the husband:

Listen to your wife.Really listen. Don't try to devise solutions to her problems while she's talking to you. Listen and understand.