Brian & Patti Page

Brian & Patti Page

Brian Patti

First Impressions

Floral vest, frilly collar, pleated skirt, ponytail. Probably romantic, social, educated, earthy. Talkative, passionate, emotional. My type? I'm not sure. Nice, quiet, maybe not my type.

First Date

I don't remember much of it. I think I asked Patti what she most wanted to do on a date and it was dinner at a certain place. After dinner I drove her home and she told me I couldn't parallel park very well. I was surprised and hurt and told myself that I wouldn't call her again. Brunch at the Four Seasons Olympic Hotel on a Sunday morning in early March was more like a meeting. I don't even remember what we did or where we went on our first real evening date. What I remember is making a wisecrack about Brian's parallel parking job when he dropped me off at home at the end of the evening. I quickly learned the seriousness and potentially disasterous impact of questioning a man's parking abilities. (Have I mentioned that Brian is the absolute BEST parallel parker on the face of this planet and all others?)

Working Together

Patti turns out to be one of the hardest-working people I've met. I stay with her on some of her all-nighters, helping her get together marketing reports in time for deadlines. I develop a great deal of respect for her writing and marketing skills. She values my analytical and technical abilities. I begin to feel like we make a good team. Working together started with Brian coming to CRG at night to network all of the computers. Shortly thereafter, I found myself at his office at night writing The Guide to Software Management. That evolved into starting my own company and working as a consultant to Express Systems. We are a good team. What one of us can't do the other usually can. We also both tend to stay up all night working.

Favorite Memories

Making a word heart for Patti. Giving Patti her first CD player. Setting up a network for Patti's company with Paul. Snorkeling together on the Great Barrier Reef. Teaching Patti and Kaelen to program Herbert. Recruiting for a graphics designer together (and finding Shane in his boxers in the hallway at 3:00 AM). Discovering the Breakwater in Maine. Helping Patti with databases for her clients. Weathering a monsoon in our bure on Fiji. Jet-skiing with Kaelen. Relaxing with Patti on Maui. Proposing at Cafe Sophie. Having Brian write a short essay about what it felt like to be in my apartment. Receiving a heart made of words Brian felt described me. Brian canceling his business meetings and showing up on a day when something really bad happened. Hot air ballooning with Brian and Kaelen. Riding to the Olympic Music Festival on the back of Brian's motorcycle. Making the "What is it anyway?" valentine out of advertising slogans, then tromping through a DC blizzard to get it to FedEx for February 14th delivery. Working all night on Express projects. Working all night on database projects for other clients. Seeing fall in New England together. Sitting in our beach bure in Fiji reading during torrential rains. Mopping up water from our beach bure when the torrential rains eventually leaked in. Eating at Café Sophie on special occasions. Eating in outdoor café's in Buenos Aires. Driving around Uruguay. Traveling around in Australia. Brian giving me a valentine book kind of like the one I'd given him, except with the title, "What Could It Be Anyway?" Receiving an antique "bravery watch" that Brian ran all over town trying to find. Brian's surprise party with my favorite people for my 36th birthday. Being teased about picking "the little Christmas tree that could" and the book Brian wrote about it as a Christmas gift. Sitting in my livingroom with Brian in one chair and me in the other, reading. Piece by piece being "brought into the 90s" as far as electronic gear goes. Hearing that Brian went to the jewelry store with my picture trying to figure out which ring I liked. Brian's proposal on bended knee at Café Sophie.

Funniest Story

Patti's "Queen's English" - a continuing saga of inadvertently creative malaprops. Some of my favorites: "It's like the chicken guarding the henhouse", "let dead dogs die", "it takes a cold day in winter to pull one over on me", "up a creek without a boat", "it's a real craw in my crawdad", "that's a fruit of another matter", and "does the pope shit in the woods?" Early on, when we first started dating, Brian invited me to his house for dinner. When I got there, I found we were having roasted chicken with stuffing, mashed potatoes, and vegetables. The kitchen was a little messy. There were dishes in the sink. There was a bottle of thyme on the counter that had spilled a little and hadn't been cleaned up. The dinner was great. The chicken was browned just right. It was quite a spread. I was so impressed! Not only was he a good business person, but he was practically a gourmet!. He even apologized for the vegetables being a little overcooked. (They seemed okay to me.) We ate dinner and then cleaned up, me praising his cooking all evening long. I didn't find out until later that he'd bought all the food at a take out place and pretended to have cooked it to impress me.

Favorite Trip Together

It was fun going with Patti to places I've never been: Argentina, Uruguay, Mexico City, Australia, Fiji. But my favorite trip was probably our first weekend motorcycle trip, to the Olympic Peninsula. It was nice to take a break from work, to keep cool on a hot weekend, to travel light and with no itinerary, to just relax and listen to music and let the pretty scenery pass by. On this trip Patti decides she likes motorcycles and her newfound "bubble world." Argentina and Australia are tied for first. Buenos Aires was so pleasant and romantic with all its sidewalk cafes. Australia was a big adventure - especially snorkeling at the Great Barrier Reef and experiencing the monsoon-type weather in Fiji on our way home.

Biggest Influence

Patti has helped me achieve some balance in my life, especially important for me during trying times at work. I have learned to be a better communicator through her, to take better care of myself, to be more creative. Teaching me to value the various types of intelligence.

Why Marry?

We are similar enough to share basic beliefs and a mutual respect; different enough that we can both learn from each other. I think our complementary set of skills will allow us to do cool and fun things together, especially in a world of merging technology and creative media. Because we are a good team. Because we are best friends. Because we push each other to grow. Because we love each other.

What I'm Looking Forward To

Fifty years of learning and growing together. I am looking forward to building something together.